Sunday, 6 March 2016

o n d e (part II)

The onde series is on ongoing project reflecting on the emotional and physical changes when faced with a different climate and culture. onde is continuing my previous works and experiences were the aim was to observe, interact and depict the various feelings of the people met during my residency in Rome.
This series studies a more personal perspective on the transitions that another culture imposes on an individual. They represent an array of feelings from turmoil and rejection to happiness and integration in a tangible space. 


Feb/March 2016

o n d e (part I)


Saturday, 14 February 2015

liquidum (video stills/ work in progress)

A very important part of SEGNI ARS MUNUS Project is liquidum. Making this video became a personal challenge to both understand the impact of such impressive discoveries had on me but also trying to make a diverse audience understand my own emotional connection to set place (e.g. ninfeo). 

work in progress

Video stills from summer 2014

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


 Segni Ars Munus started with a visit to the archaeological sites that can be found in the historic centre of Segni located in south Lazio, Italy. I have always been drawn to archaeology; I’ve always seen it as a mysterious and exciting domain. This experience has been an interesting interchange of perceptions between the artist interpretation of archaeological activity and archaeological interpretation of artist activity.


The Segni Project is a complex project that includes four areas of investigation. My work aims not to focus on one area, but the archaeological project as a whole including all the archaeological research; as well as touching upon the more personal side of an excavation – the people, whose interaction with the archaeological campaign and the archaeology is essential to the success of this project.

Image index:
Untitled/ mixed media on cotton/ 2013
Only together/ mixed media/ 70/50 cm/ 2013
Ossa/ stain on paper/ 100/70 cm/ 2013
+ve/ acrylic on silk canvas/ 70/100 cm/ 2013
-ve/ acrylic on plastic foil/ 70/100 cm/2013
Finds 1/ oil pastels on paper/ 60/40 cm/ 2013
Finds 2/ oil pastels and permanent pen on paper/ 60/40 cm/ 2013
Ceramic/ mixed media/ 30/21 cm/ 2013

Works from the exhibition Segni Ars Munus at Pallazo del Vescovado, 2013, Segni (Lazio) Italy. Exhibition organised in partnership with Museo Archeologico del Comune di Segni, The British School at Rome and Accademia di Romania in Roma.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014